Commit History

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Christian Duerr 28abb1f9c7 Fix out of order terminal query responses 3 days ago
  Christian Duerr a312e41595 Fix selection flooding Wayland connection 3 days ago
  Christian Duerr 33d4b833dc Update dependencies 4 days ago
  Christian Duerr 504b38cbd1 Fix mouse reports 4 days ago
  Christian Duerr 9cb55621f7 Fix mouse point crash on resize 5 days ago
  Christian Duerr 1f46bb7b92 Add hint action for moving the vi cursor 5 days ago
  Christian Duerr 05917b2740 Fix initial vi cursor position while in scrollback 6 days ago
  Christian Duerr 37f638fc42 Fix hint label with start above viewport 1 week ago
  Christian Duerr 7f31275e74 Fix URL highlight in mouse mode without shift 1 week ago
  Christian Duerr 96fc9ecc9a Add vi/mouse hint highlighting support 1 week ago
  Kam Kudla 40bcdb1133 Add hide other windows binding on macOS 1 week ago
  Richard Steinmetz 78953e4f7e Fix automatic scrolling on resize 1 week ago
  Christian Duerr cbcc129440 Add copy/paste/select hint actions 2 weeks ago
  Christian Duerr 531e494cf9 Fix focused match selection color 2 weeks ago
  Richard Steinmetz 58cae8f2ed Keep viewport in place during resize 2 weeks ago
  Christian Duerr 3bd5ac221a Unify the grid line indexing types 3 weeks ago
  Stokhos 974392cdc6 Fix cursor thickness on wide cells 3 weeks ago
  Serban Constantin 17923efccf Fix URLs opening in explorer on Windows 1 month ago
  Matthias Krüger 5aa02816c4 Fix inconsistent_struct_constructor clippy lint 1 month ago
  Christian Duerr d5dd009a6d Fix vi mode search 1 month ago
  Christian Duerr a954e076ca Add regex terminal hints 1 month ago
  Christian Duerr 772afc6a8a Remove incorrect changelog entry 1 month ago
  r-c-f 557b28d0ac Add Windows version requirements to readme 1 month ago
  Christian Duerr edfcb81339 Run clippy on MSRV 1 month ago
  Kirill Chibisov 72b341425d Fix hollow block cursor being drawn for hidden cursor 1 month ago
  Christian Duerr ea24a106e9 Fix vi cursor after leaving search 1 month ago
  Christian Duerr 9999bd53e1 Add sync update terminfo and docs 1 month ago
  Bastien Orivel 8409d7d5e2 Bump base64 to 0.13.0 1 month ago
  Christian Duerr 9575aed681 Add support for synchronized updates 2 months ago
  Christian Duerr 64abd7fb43 Match intermediates directly in CSI parser 2 months ago