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Remove the GitHub pull request template

The template itself never provided much of a benefit and just causes
additional work for every single PR that is opened. That makes it easier
to just remind people after the PR was created than putting it in the
description so contributors always have to remove it.
Christian Duerr 3 months ago
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@@ -1,12 +0,0 @@
-Please make sure to document all user-facing changes in the
-`` file.
-If support for a new escape sequence was added, it should be documented
-in `./docs/`.
-Since `alacritty_terminal`'s version always tracks the next release, make sure
-that the version is bumped according to semver when necessary.
-Draft PRs are always welcome, though unless otherwise requested PRs will
-not be reviewed until all required and optional CI steps are successful
-and they have left the draft stage.